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Scapa Flow 2021

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There is so much to cover from our amazing week in Scapa Flow this year but we’ve just picked one day out of our action-packed week to report on.

First destination was what most would call the crown jewel of Scapa Flow, the battleship Kronprinz Wilhelm. On the way down we took the opportunity to perform AAS skills for Kevin’s Advanced Diver training. You could be forgiven for mistakenly assuming you had missed the wreck completely. It’s only as you swim off in search of it and reach the edge of its port side you realise you actually landed on it!

As you peer over the edge of this behemoth, laid out before you is an abundance of fish and anemonies that almost cover the wreck completely. Swimming towards the stern we passed the guns and mainly intact superstructure, taking in everything this beast has to offer. All too soon it is time to return to the surface, but not before we performed mask removal skills and another AAS on the way to the surface.

Between dives it was more assessment work as Kevin turned in to David Hasselhoff and successfully performed a distressed diver recovery.

Dive two of the day, is another favourite, the Karlsruhe. In only 30m, the descent down the shot line takes you straight to the bow guns. The wreck is literally covered with brittlestars. Over recent years she has opened up considerably, with the armour plating sliding towards the seabed, allowing us to swim through and see inside. Before too long it is time for another skills assessment, this time a CBL, which is executed with exacting precision. All too soon the day’s diving is over and the cabin is full of tired and excited divers reminiscing on the day and planning the next!

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